In 1545, Ludovico Domenichi published with Gabriel Giolito in Venice an anthology of Italian poems under the title of Rime diverse di molti eccellentissimi autori [Assorted Poems by Many Most Excellent Authors]. This work marked a new tendency in which individual pieces of writing by particular poets or canzoniere were replaced, for the first time, by an anthology of sonnets and canzoni by multiple authors. This shift in editorial and publishing practices was quickly picked up by competing editors like Lodovico Dolce, who created similar anthologies based on genre, the authors’ origin, gender, etc. [1]

Image 1_Rime Diverse_Walter L Bullock 1697In the particular case of the Rime diverse, the purpose of Domenichi was to guide its readers towards an institutional Petrarchism exemplified by the (strict) style and manner of the Venetian humanist Pietro Bembo. This literary phenomenon should not be studied as a list of names, according to scholars like Stefano Jossa, but rather as…

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