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Imaging techniques developed by CHICC have underpinned research in to the earliest attempts at colour printing in the West. Selected prints are now on display at the British Museum as part of a new exhibition curated by British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Elizabeth Savage,  until 27 January 2016.

On the basis of microscopic analysis at the British Museum’s World Conservation and Exhibition Centre and photomacrographs taken by Gwen Riley Jones (CHICC), it has now been confirmed that the British Museum Charles V is the sixth known woodcut – and 20th impression – issued with gold printing ink before the 18th century.

1862_0208_55_sgr Attr. Hans Weiditz, Portrait of Charles V (1519), woodcut on vellum from two block (gold, black) with hand-colouring, 35.6 x 20.3 cm. Printed by Jost de Negker, Augsburg. The British Museum, London, 1862.0208.55. Image courtest of the Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care, University of Manchester and © The…

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