Stephen Emmel’s paper on “The Coptic Manuscript Collection of Alexander Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford” suggests that Tattam acquired some Sahidic fragments from Rev. Lieder in Cairo in 1838/9, including Crum no. 92 which you mention here.

Alin Suciu

Much of the modern circulation of the Coptic manuscript fragments from the library of the Monastery of Apa Shenoute (or, alternatively, the White Monastery) still remains unknown to us. With some exceptions, we do not know exactly how the fragments came out of their cache, from the end of the 18th century onwards, or through which hands they passed before ending up in the collections where we can now access them. Although little explored, this topic is so generous that it can constitute at any time a separate field, apart from the philological endeavor of editing and translating the manuscripts into modern languages.

Here I would like to sketch, very briefly, an interesting episode from the modern history of a cluster of fragments from the Monastery of Apa Shenoute. During my readings, I became aware of the case of a certain Jean Dujardin, a French doctor who, at theā€¦

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